• $2.50 Wells (Daily)
  • Great Staff 
  • Cheap Beer
  • Great Character
  • That 70's feel 
  • DirecTV 
  • Fun, Fun, Fun
  • Kelse's witty banter
  • Great conversation


Your Neighborhood Hole-in-the-Wall Tavern.

That is what The Bent Penny hopes to be for you!  Come check out the Best kept secret in South Springfield.  Cheap beer and cheap Fun!


Family owned and operated

We started THE BENT PENNY TAVERN as a way to have our own little "Man Cave" over the summer of 2012. Now, it's a successful and popular Hole-in-the-wall.  Great staff and great prices, with an old school tavern feel, this is the place you have been looking for!

Featured FUN !!!!

the bent penny tavern 

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